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Our History

‚Äč1950 a literature evangelist, Sis Mary Johnson, from the Greater New York Conference, blazed the trail for the establishment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Albany. She gave Bible studies and prayed for the people. She saw the need for a Seventh-day Adventist church in the area and established a mission in her home.
In 1955 a visit was scheduled to the Albany region and a meeting was convened at the home of the Douglass’ with the Rorie’s family which included. Brother and Sister Richard Rorie, their daughter, Betty and nephew Larry.
Later Elder Andre, a graduate of Oakwood College was invited by Elder F. E. Roy Jeffrey to establish a mission in Albany. He started off by colportering in the area when he met one Mrs. Bason, who was very interested in the Advent Message. She opened her house for meetings as well as providing accommodations for the brethren. Soon a company was established. As more members were added to the company it outgrew the space and moved to 752 Broadway where under the influence of the Holy Spirit the mission continued to grow.
A church attached to the Northeastern Conference had its beginnings in Albany in a small building called Chuckarows above a chicken store in Albany’s South end. In 1958, Pastor Singleton, President of North-eastern conference of Seventh-day Adventists organized the mission into a church at the corner of Grand St and Hudson Ave. The membership at that time was 17. The name Capital City Seventh-day Adventist Church was given to the church then.
Elder T.X. Perry of Brooklyn, NY worked with the members until Pastor J. A. Brummel of Syracuse New York was assigned as pastor. In 1959, through Elder Brummell, President Singleton and the conference committee, an evangelistic effort conducted by Elder R. H. Carter of New Rochelle, New York resulted in 24 new members being added to the church.
Later the church relocated to 74 South Ferry St. Development and construction of the Highway and school in the area caused the church to sell the property to the state and relocate to 2 South Lake Ave, at Western Avenue in 1962.
After a while the mission from 752 Broadway which had been pastored by Elder Benson Andre joined with the Capital City Seventh-day Adventist Church. By the year 1968 the membership had grown to 91 under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Currently the membership exceeds 400.
The church remained at 2 South Lake Avenue until the building at 168 South Allen Street was acquired and today we can say we have come this far by faith. To God be the glory!